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Long Beach Alliance Church

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We are a pretty down-to-earth church family. Feel free to come-as-you-are, dressed comfortably and casually. You will see most people in jeans and t-shirts at our 9:30AM service. Our goal is for you to feel loved and have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your time as our guest. If you decide to call LBAC home, just let us know. We won't hassle you, but we are here to help you.

Free Coffee & Donuts

It’s true! Free coffee or hot tea & donuts are provided every Sunday! Grab a cup and have a good conversation with friends.

Awesome Children's Ministy Team

Parenting is hard. We're here to help.

We have a wonderful, loving, trained, and rigorously screened child care team that always cares for children in a safe and trustworthy manner. You can be confident that your kids will flourish in an environment where they can experience the best of the Gospel of Christ as an important part of the family at LBAC.

God-Honoring Worship and Gospel-Centered Messages

Our entire worship service is designed to celebrate and sing songs about a refreshed relationship with Jesus Christ. Our messages are Gospel-centered, encouraging, and from the Scriptures. We study the Bible together for transformation by the Holy Spirit for God's purposes. We celebrate Baptism in celebration of new spiritual life, and we celebrate Communion in celebration of Christ's victory on the cross. This is the life of our family, this is Jesus at the center of everything we are.

We're all about relationships

One of Long Beach Alliance Church’s core values is living life together!

Life Groups are weekly, mid-week biblically-centered groups meeting in a variety of homes on various evenings during the week. In Life groups, we live and love together, pray for one another, and dive deeper into themes related to the Sunday morning sermon in order to apply God’s truths in community to our lives.

Next Steps

You may be wondering, “If I want to call Long Beach Alliance home, what are my next steps?” All you need to do is fill out a Connect Card during service or contact our office (office@lbac.org) for more information. After that, someone will contact you from our leadership team. From there, we will get you connected with the optimal groups which match your family and needs, and this LBAC family can begin to be a place where you can enjoy Christ-focused relationships.

Common Questions

Be comfortable! You’ll see lots of people dressed in relaxed clothing at our service! At LBAC, what you wear isn't an important issue. Being here together to grow in Christ, that's what we are about (so just come as you are).

No way! You are our guest, and we simply want you to feel welcomed and comfortable. We want everyone's focus (ours and yours) to be on Jesus!

We have greeters right out front to welcome you! They’ll be there to provide good directions, or we can lead you right inside for a seat. If you have kids, we can take you over to our Children’s Ministry and get you connected to the appropriate age group. And, if you've got questions, our greeters will have answers for anything you might want to know about!

No way! LBAC Kids is led by an awesome team that is excited to love on your littles for the morning, but if your kids aren’t comfortable or you’d rather wait a week or two to send them, that’s no problem. We welcome kids and babies into our main service, and they are never a distraction! We love to see all ages worshipping Jesus!

Nope! We believe our giving is an important part of worship. It's part of being in a church family who give sacrificially from refreshed hearts that invest in the Gospel. We are here for the Gospel, and we join together with one another in what God is doing. If you are ready to jump in, great. Whether it's something we do, or something we say, we want it to be for God's Gospel purposes. That goes for the money, too. It's about the Gospel, or it's not worth a dime.

Plan A Visit

Be our honored guest.

It's our goal to create space where everyone feels welcome and a part of the Long Beach Alliance Church family. We want you to be able to discover all that God has for you! We hope you’ll plan a visit and we can’t wait to meet you!